National Council for Geographic Education


NCGE is a member driven organization, and we are only as good as our people. We have been fortunate to have such great members over the years, some of which have been with us for an extremely long time. We would like to recognize and honor all of the members that have been with us over the years, and have helped in bringing us to where we are today.

Dr. Robert N. Saveland 194570 Years
Dorothy W. Drummond195362 Years
Dr. Robert E. Gabler195758 Years
Dr. Charles F. Gritzner195857 Years
Dr. David Kromm195857 Years
William W. Elam 195956 Years
Frank Friedman195956 Years
Dr. E. Joan Miller195956 Years
Dr. Joseph W. Bencloski196253 Years
Dr. Joseph D. Enedy196451 Years
Dr. Thomas R. Lewis196451 Years
Dr. James N. Snaden196550 Years
Cynthia Stout 196748 Years
Louie Yannotti 196748 Years
Dr. Donald J. Zeigler196748 Years
Dr. Richard G. Boehm196847 Years
Earl R. Kelly 196847 Years
E.L. Reid196847 Years
Joseph V. Strunka196847 Years
Marion I Wright196847 Years
Dr. Byron Augustin196946 Years
Dr. Dixie A. Pemberton196946 Years
Dr. Kit Salter196946 Years
George W. Small196946 Years
Dr. Paul E. Phillips197045 Years
Dr. Phil Gersmehl197144 Years
Dr. James Hantula197144 Years
Dr. Thomas J. Baerwald197243 Years
Dr. Janice J. Monk197243 Years 
Dr. Joseph P. Stoltman197243 Years
Dr. Robert W. Morrill197342 Years
Douglas MacLeod197441 Years
Dr. Percy H. Dougherty, Jr. 197441 Years
Dr. Kenneth C. Martis197441 Years
Dr. Bheru L. Sukhwal197441 Years
Dr. Howard G. Johnson197540 Years
Dr. William B. Kory197540 Years
Dr. Jonathan J. Lu197540 Years 
Dr. Sandra F. Mather197540 Years
Michael G. Norkewicz197540 Years
Doug R. Oetter197540 Years
Dr. Barbara E. Fredrich197639 Years 
David J. McDowell197639 Years 
Dr. Gary S. Elbow197738 Years
Dr. Nancy B. Lehmann-Carssow197738 Years
Dr. Arlene C. Rengert197738 Years
James B. Kracht197837 Years
Dr. Ira M. Sheskin197837 Years
Dr. Michael D. Sublett197837 Years
Dr. John A. Harrington197936 Years
Dr. Frederick L. Bein198035 Years
Dr. Malcolm L. Comeaux198035 Years
Dr. William A. Dando198035 Years
Pastor Donald Heise198035 Years
Dr. Ingolf K. Vogeler198035 Years
Paul R. Baumann198134 Years
Dr. Robert S. Bednarz198134 Years
Dr. Sarah Bednarz198134 Years
Dr. Christine Drake198134 Years
James F. Marran198134 Years
Dr. William C. Rense198134 Years
Jim Tiller198134 Years
Dr. Vernon A. Domingo198233 Years
Mary Ellen Moser198233 Years
Dr. James F. Petersen198233 Years
Dr. John A. Cross198332 Years
Dr. Peter O. Muller198332 Years
Dr. Nancy L. Winter198332 Years
Dr. David A. Lanegran198431 Years
Dr. Neal G. Lineback198431 Years
Dr. William R. Strong198431 Years
Dr. Gwenda H. Rice198530 Years
Dr. Miriam Helen Hill198629 Years
Robert G. Levy198629 Years
Martha B. Sharma198629 Years
John Hassan198728 Years
Leonard Pyzynski198728 Years
Dr. James Young198728 Years
Dr. Lawrence E. Estaville198827 Years
Carol A. Gersmehl198827 Years
Dr. Richard F. Kott198827 Years
Dr. Rosalyn McKeown198827 Years
Dr. Carolyn V. Prorok198827 Years
Dr. Peter W. Rees198827 Years
Jody Smothers-Marcello198827 Years
Dr. Madeleine Gregg198926 Years
Loretta J. Hannum198926 Years
Margaret A. Legates198926 Years
Steve C. Pierce198926 Years
Dr. Kevin Romig199025 Years
Dr. Mark H. Bockenhauer199025 Years
Dr. James M. Dunn199025 Years
Dr. Edward A. Fernald199025 Years
Ray A. Jobin199025 Years
Dr. Douglas C. Munski199025 Years
Mary Frances Higuchi199025 Years
Dr. Kevin Romig199025 Years
Dr. Saul Cohen199124 Years
Dr. Michael C. Jurmu199124 Years
Catherine G. Kelly199124 Years
Donald Peterson199124 Years
Charles Don Everhart199223 Years
Dr. Eric J. Fournier199223 Years
Dr. Mick Healy199223 Years
Earl Heidtke199223 Years
Lauren Jacquez199223 Years
Douglas D. Jones199223 Years
Dr. Mark C. Jones199223 Years
John J. Katana199223 Years
Dr. Phil Klein199223 Years
Dr. Joseph T. Manzo199223 Years
Stephen Palladino199223 Years
JoAnn C. Vender199223 Years
Dr. Randy J. Bertolas199322 Years
Dr. Teresa L. Bulman199322 Years
Dr. John Dietz199322 Years
Mary Claire May199322 Years
Dr. David L. Wall199322 Years
Leon I. Yacher199322 Years
Dr. Brent E. Bagley199421 Years
Dolores M. Bayle199421 Years
George K. Book199421 Years
Dr. Larry G. Brown199421 Years
Dr. Lawrence A. Brown199421 Years
Thomas J. Karwoski199421 Years
Stanley D. Masters199421 Years
Dr. Jo Beth Oestreich199421 Years
Pamela Wasserman199421 Years
Marilyn E. Weiser199421 Years
Dr. John Clark Archer199520 Years
Cynthia L. N. Bloom199520 Years
Dr. Patricia Drews199520 Years
Gale O. Ekiss199520 Years
Darrel Hess 199520 Years
Dr. Douglas Hurt199520 Years
Dr. Joseph J. Kerski199520 Years
Dr. Ann Marie Legreid199520 Years
Dennis K. Rees199520 Years
Dr. Paul Rich199520 Years
Dr. Gary R. Schnakenberg199520 Years
Herbert D. Thompson199520 Years

*If you see any inaccuracy in dates, or if you seem to have been mistakenly omitted from this list, please let us know by emailing us at