National Council for Geographic Education


Why Join NCGE?

NCGE is the only national organization whose sole purpose is to support geography educators. Anyone who believes in the importance of geography education can be an NCGE member, but there are three major reasons why you should join NCGE if you are in the field of geography education:
1. Information
Staying abreast of what is happening in the field of geography education can help you be more effective in your career.

NCGE Members receive:
  • The NCGE Member Newsletter is an e-mail newsletter with the latest geography education news, opportunities, and resources for NCGE members.
  • The Journal of Geography (JOG) is the oldest journal in the United States dedicated to the teaching of a specific school subject. This scholarly, peer-reviewed journal designed for educators offers the best in teaching and research advancements in geographic education. JOG publishes research on innovative approaches to teaching and learning, classroom tested lesson ideas, curriculum, book reviews, and more. The Journal, now in its 111th volume, is published 6 times per year.
  • The Geography Teacher provides short articles, lesson plans, teaching tips, and news, especially relevant for today’s K-12 and pre-service teachers. This colorful and engaging journal is published twice a year. In the future, members will also have online access to current and archived issues of the Journal of Geography and The Geography Teacher. In addition to these periodicals, NCGE offers several content-specific publications.
NCGE Members can access professional development webinars:

Our most popular teacher resource is the online webinar series. The webinars range in content from AP Human Geography exam preparation to conducting field work in your school’s backyard. NCGE members have access to the entire season’s worth of webinars and the webinar archive (a $400 value) for free.

2. Savings

 In addition to the standard discounts NCGE members receive on publications and webinars, NCGE members receive substantial discounts on     our Annual Conference on Geographic Education. Attended by several hundred people each year, the Conference on Geographic Education     provides a place for geography educators and professionals to meet and exchange ideas, research and resources. The conference is an invaluable way to connect and network with your peers and members receive up to 25% off of conference registration tickets.

NCGE Members have access to insurance benefits and services as a part of our Member Insurance Program administered by Forrest T. Jones & Company (FTJ). FTJ offers members affordable plans and New Members receive two free years of life insurance.
3. Opportunity
NCGE provides its members with several opportunities to pursue leadership roles within the organization. Members can volunteer to consult on an NCGE project, be on task forces, committees and even run for elected positions on the Executive Planning Board. These leadership opportunities allow members to affect change on a broad scale.

NCGE / Alliance Membership

The National Council for Geographic Education is excited to announce a new partnership with the National Geographic’s Network of Alliances for Geographic Education.   A new Alliance-affiliated membership category has been created for new and returning members who are affiliated with a participating Alliance.  

Individuals who join or renew their NCGE memberships through this new program will receive all the benefits of membership plus an additional conference registration discount, all for the low annual membership rate of $50 for as long as the partnership remains in effect. 

For more than 25 years the Alliances and NCGE have cooperated on a shared mission to improve geographic education. State Alliances are closely in tune with education policy, curricula, and teacher requirements in their states. NCGE’s national conference, publications, and other professional development activities provide opportunities for collaboration involving geography educators across the country.

In addition to the concurrent membership arrangement for individuals, the new partnership will allow NCGE and the National Geographic Alliance Network to combine their unique strengths to develop a more focused approach to support geographic education. The partnership will offer an opportunity for collaboration on major advancements in curricula and classroom resources, professional development, professional recognition, research, and outreach.

Participating Alliances