National Council for Geographic Education


I am a member; why have I not received my journals?
Please, log in to and verify that your membership status is ‘Active’ and that your address is correct. Keep in mind that the Journal of Geography is published bi-monthly and The Geography Teacher is published four times each year. You may have purchased or renewed your membership just after the mail date for one or both of these publications.

If you wish to receive a previously published issue of the current volume, please send an email to with your request.

How do I access back issues of the journals online?
You can access online journals via the Members-Only section of the website. Here are instructions on how members can access NCGE journal articles online.

I am not a member of NCGE, but I would like to purchase an individual subscription to the Journal of Geography or The Geography Teacher. How do I subscribe?
Please see subscription information provided by Taylor & Francis.