National Council for Geographic Education


Is my NCGE membership good for a full 12 months?
Yes, your membership is effective for one full year. If you join in the middle of a calendar year, you will have until the same date the following year to enjoy all member benefits. (This, of course, doesn't apply for 2-Year and Lifetime memberships). Learn more about NCGE membership here.
I am interested in becoming a member, but I'd like to know how current NCGE members feel about their membership?
We have a wonderful community of passionate, dedicated educators. You can read our member testimonials here.
What are the membership dues rates?
There are various different types of membership available (Retired, New, 1-Year, 2-Year, Alliance-Affiliated, Lifetime, Spouse/Partner, Future GeoLeader). Here  you can find the listed dues rates.
Is my state's Geographic Alliance one of NCGE's partnered Alliances?
NCGE works with the National Network of Alliances to provide NCGE memberships at discounted rates for members of participating alliances. Here you can see if your state is a participating alliance, and learn more about this program. If your state's alliance isn't currently partnered with us, encourage them to explore our NCGE/State Alliance Membership Program.
I am a school principal or a pre-service teacher instructor. How can I purchase memberships on behalf of my staff or students?
You may have individuals set up their own membership profiles and request an invoice to be billed to your school/university. Our new NCGE Future GeoLeader Membership Program provides free NCGE membership to students! Find out how students can become members for FREE  here.   

What is the policy for becoming a member of NCGE at the Student rate?
Our new NCGE Future GeoLeader Membership Program provides free membership to students! Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours in a graduate or undergraduate program at an accredited university. Learn more here.

I am a new member. Why have I not received any communication from NCGE since joining the organization?
In addition to distributing hard copies of NCGE journal publications (see section above about receiving journals), NCGE communicates with members when members initially join (explaining new benefits). We also communicate with our members via our bi-weekly emailed newsletter, which contains the latests news and updates.  If you are not getting these email blasts, they may be going to your spam mail, or we may not have your primary email address on file.  Please verify that your email is in our system and add to your email contacts list. If you find that you are still having problems after following through with the previous steps, please notify us at

I am a long-standing member of NCGE. I used to receive a hard copy of the newsletter, Perspective. What happened to it? 
NCGE began sending the digitally formatted newsletters in 2009.  Every week we send out a digital newsletter to make sure that our members are kept up-to-date. You can find all of the most important announcements in our emailed newsletters, so please be sure to sign up to receive it.