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The Transatlantic Outreach Program (TOP) is a public / private partnership that promotes education about Germany, fosters intercultural dialogue, and provides the opportunity for North American social studies and STEM educators to experience Germany first-hand. The core competencies of TOP include public/private project management, custom-designed study tour programs to address the specific needs of specific audiences, and the in-house production of curriculum and instructional guides for K-12 social studies and STEM educators. These include printed instructional guides, online multimedia products, and short films. All TOP teaching materials are made relevant to K-12 classroom instruction through their alignment to national content standards.

In addition to implementing TOP curriculum in the classroom, educators are encouraged to apply for one of several custom-designed study tour programs offered by TOP annually. These study tours are designed to address the specific interests of educators, focusing on such topics as the legacy of the Holocaust, contemporary Holocaust education, collective memory, Cold War and post-Cold War history, peaceful protest movements, energy policy, demographic diversity, the Eurozone, migration and integration, national identity, vocational education, education policy, and much more. Learn more here!


The Gilbert M. Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education

The mission of the Gilbert M. Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education is to encourage research and provide leadership in the movement to increase research in teaching and learning in geography education.

Research comprises an integral component of all these activities, with special attention paid to (1) teaching methods, (2) student and public learning of geography, (3) curriculum, (4) assessment, (5) cognitive mapping, and (6) the uses of technology.

The Grosvenor Center’s efforts serve to influence changes in public policy. Additionally, The Center serves as a clearinghouse for resources in geographic education including those related to research, teaching, and learning geography.

For more information on the Grosvenor Center, as well as the National Center for Research in Geography Education (NCRGE) and the Research Coordination Network (RCN), please visit our website at



What do you get when you mix together maps, graphs, scholarly articles, a compelling geography question and the leaders in literacy-based curriculum design? 

Mini-Qs in Geography for students in grades 6-12

The DBQ Project is known nationwide for its document-based questions in American and World History and Civics. Now, they bring you inquiry-based questions about human geography for middle school and high school students.

Why Should Geography Teachers Use DBQs?

-DBQs are inquiry-based

-DBQs engage students of all ability levels

-DBQs promote collaboration and exploration

-DBQs provide opportunities to read and analyze authentic sources

-DBQs inspire students to write better

-What's More?  DBQs Address Geography Standards!

Click here to see the Geography Mini-Q Questions

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Discover the World Education was delighted to attend this year's NCGE conference to join the NCGE in supporting geography education in the U.S. We specialize in student travel with more than 30 years of experience of organizing tailor-made educational trips to Scandinavia, Australasia, Antarctica, Iceland, Costa Rica, and many other countries. We also provide professional development opportunities with teacher inspection trips and student teacher geography courses. In addition to qualified staff in the field of Geographic studies with extensive in-country experience and award-winning classroom resources, there is a great emphasis on safety and commitment in helping you every step of the way. Our tailor-made itineraries ensure easy bookings and complete financial protection. Our team of experts are passionate about providing you and your students with a successful once in a lifetime experience. Discover more outside the classroom and contact one of our friendly Travel Specialists (Discover the World Education)!