National Council for Geographic Education


In this section you will find information about NCGE presidents, board of directors, editors, staff, and other governing and advisory bodies. 


George J Miller

The National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE) was founded by, George J Miller, a teacher educator at the State Normal School in Mankato, Minnesota. His goal was to bridge the gap between the subject expertise of college professors and the pedagogical training and insights of K-12 teachers. The idea gained support nationally and the first meeting of the organization was held on December 31, 1915.

Originally called the National Council for Geography Teachers (NCGT), the purpose was to "increase the effectiveness of geography teaching in America." In 1956, the NCGT changed its name to the National Council for Geographic Education to reflect the idea that not all learning occurs in the classroom.

 While NCGE is no longer organized as it was originally, our basic purpose has not changed. 

More information on the history of NCGE can be found at the official NCGE archives housed at Minnesota State University, Mankato. The NCGE publication: The National Council for Geographic Education: The First 75 Years and Beyond also provides a great history on our first 75 years. This book is no longer in print but it can be found on

Learn About the National Council for Geographic Education

NCGE Logo 2008-Today

The National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE) is a non-profit organization, chartered in 1915 to enhance the status and quality of geography teaching and learning. NCGE supports geography teaching at all levels—from kindergarten through university. Our members include U.S. and international teachers, professors, students, businesses, and others who support geography education. 

Now in our 103rd year, NCGE continues to both promote and celebrate geographic teaching and learning. Our activities include: conducting and gathering research; producing journals and other geography publications; developing curricular resources; providing professional development opportunities; honoring teachers, mentors, and researchers; advocating for geography in schools; and organizing an annual conference.

We are committed to ensuring that all students graduate to career and citizenship with the knowledge, perspectives, and skills of geography. We strive to support all educators in their desire to create engaging, authentic, inquiry-based learning experiences for students at all levels. 


The National Council for Geographic Education is a nonprofit membership organization that works to strengthen the quality and effectiveness of geography teaching and learning.

We provide a global forum for educators of all levels to exchange ideas and engage in professional learning opportunities to improve their geography teaching practice. We provide the organizational structure needed to advance research in geography education. We publish journals, the National Geography Standards, and a variety of materials for diffusing research and best practices on geography education. We recognize exceptional educators and supporters in geography education. We lead and support a variety of educational and creative programs to support our members and advance global literacy.


We envision a time when every student in America learns geography as a regular part of their K-12 education.

We envision a time when parents insist that their children understand the geography of the world so that they can make informed decisions as they go through life. We envision a time when research on geography education is supported by our federal and state educational and scientific agencies at a sufficient level to make a significant impact on the quality of geography teaching and learning in our classrooms. Most of all, we envision a time when every student in every school is given the opportunity to learn about and understand Earth’s geography and given the encouragement to make informed decisions on how to manage a healthy and sustainable planet.


As the National Council for Geographic Education we believe:

  • Geography education is a bridge to better understanding and appreciation of all subject matter.
  • Geography education engages students in global events and processes, giving them tools to become effective citizens and decision makers.
  • Educators should be treated with the respect they deserve as the professionals they are.
  • All educators are bearers of valuable expertise that can help, inform and guide the work of the NCGE.
  • NCGE plays a valuable role in providing educators with the ability/opportunity to share geographic knowledge with one another, with the aim towards improving teaching practice and student engagement with geography.
  • All students and educators must have access to high quality, relevant materials, up to date technology and engaging learning experiences for teaching geography.