National Council for Geographic Education

Publishing Scholarly Articles and Book

How do I publish an article in the NCGE Journals? 
NCGE’s flagship peer-reviewed journal, the Journal of Geography, publishes innovative approaches to geography research, teaching, and learning. Published work includes research-based articles, commentaries, symposia, and book reviews. Manuscripts that make new and important contributions to geography research, teaching, and learning are strongly encouraged. The long-term goal of the Journal of Geography is to build a body of high-quality research representing all theoretical paradigms, methodologies, and subfields of geographic inquiry. For more information about preparing and submitting a manuscript, please see the publication guidelines and instructions.

To submit a lesson plan or article for Publication in The Geography Teacher, please contact:
Rebecca Theobald, Editor.

I have an idea and/or a complete manuscript for a book/teacher resource.  Will NCGE publish it?
NCGE is always interested in providing new quality publications and resources for teachers.  To suggest a special publication, please see the Guidelines for submitting a publication proposal.