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Top Ten Ideas for Teaching APHG to Ninth graders

Ten of my Favorite Websites
By Sharon Shelerud

This column I am sharing with you ten plus websites that I love to use.  I did not include some of my favorites that I think everyone already knows about, such as; Nation Master, CIA World Factbook, BBC News, Gapminder etc.  After each web site I have stated what unit I use this site in.  I hope you find this helpful.  Next time I will share my ten favorite videos. 

1. Geothentics - - GIS based program good for a variety of units.

2. Smithsonian Magazine - - Economic/Globalization

3. National Geographic - - All units

4. New York Times Interactive Map - - Political

5. United Nations - - Economic/Development

6. - Agriculture

7. New York Times U.S. Immigration 1880 – 2000 - - Population/Migration

8. Center for Austrian Studies, University of Minnesota - - Political

9. PBS Nova - - GM Foods/Agriculture

10. ESRI Mapping Our World - - GIS - very good for first unit, Population/Urban and Environment

11. USDA - . - Agriculture

12. Maps of War - - Culture/religion hearths and diffusion

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