Beyond Reading the Definition From a Slide: Teaching Sense of Place and Place Making

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Electoral Maps and Legislative Elections: Resources for teaching about redistricting


The 2020 Census and redistricting cycle will manifest itself in the United States Congress and state legislatures across the country. Consider the analysis of the midterm elections has been in your state. Yet even though it seems as though discussions about redistricting should be over, every year new students need to learn about elections at […]

Water Politics and Environmental Justice


Water quenches thirst, sustains crops, generates power, cools industry, conveys ships, carries waste, and maintains ecosystems. This webinar examines the political, social,  and cultural dimensions of each of these facets of water resources management. We'll explore the political dynamics of water distribution, access, and use. We also investigate questions of urban water management, river restoration, […]

GeoCamp Iceland: Professional Development in the Land of Fire and Ice


This webinar introduces NCGE’s GeoCamp Iceland professional development program. Past program leaders Ellen Foster and Jeff Lash are joined by 2021 participant Debra Troxel to introduce the program, share experiences, discuss registration, and address potential GeoCamper questions and concerns. Presenters: Jeff Lash, Ellen Foster, and Debra Troxell   JOIN THE WEBINAR HERE! #Member-only access