Each fall, individual members of the National Council for Geographic Education cast their ballots for the annual NCGE Board election using the slate of candidates prepared by the NCGE Nominating Committee. Each candidate is asked to prepare and submit biographical information along with a personal statement.  The highest number of votes serve a three–year term in office. Election results are reported at the annual meeting.

Meet the Slate of Candidates for the 2021 Board of Directors Election

We hope you will join us in offering congratulations and wishing good luck to this year’s candidates. NCGE acknowledges and appreciates the time and commitment that elected candidates are willing to make toward ensuring the viability and growth of NCGE. 

We also recognize and wish to thank the members  for taking a vested interest in NCGE’s growth by casting your vote. Your ongoing involvement is crucial for the continued growth and impact that NCGE has toward advancing Geography Education.  We would also like to thank the members of the Nomination Committee who worked hard to produce a solid lineup of candidates for this year’s election.


This person will serve a three-year term on the NCGE Board of Directors; serving as president-elect in 2022, president in 2023, and past-president in 2024. The President is responsible for the leadership of the Board of Directors including presiding at all Board meetings and the General Assembly. The president works closely with the executive director and other officers in ensuring the organization is financially sound and setting priorities of NCGE for the calendar year. The president promotes recognition of geography, geographic education and the interests of the Board in forums where significant decisions affecting the primary interests of NCGE may be made.


Greg Hill has enjoyed a twenty-six-year career in education. 

He teaches High School  AP Human Geography, World Regional Geography, and African-American Studies in Mesquite, Texas. Mr. Hill began his Social Studies teaching career as a World History teacher in Dallas Public Schools. 

He is also currently a Graduate student of Geography at Marshall University focusing on Urban Geography, Latin America, and the African Diaspora. 

He is the 2016 recipient of the Distinguished Educator Award: K-12 from the National Council for Geographic Education. He is also the 2020 recipient of the International Educator of the Year Award from the World Affairs Council of Dallas-Ft. Worth. 

At Horn High, Greg sponsors the Global Young Leaders and coaches the Current Events Team.

With so much uncertainty in the world due to pandemics along with dwindling budgets, NCGE is positioned to be a Lighthouse for geographic education.  It is for this reason that if elected President, I seek to continue the upward trajectory of NCGE.

I am a servant leader and will lead NCGE to be of service to the greater geographic community. The primary focus of my service would be to support teachers and students by encouraging and providing professional development opportunities for professionals within geography education.

The Board of Directors and I will continue to ramp up the cultivation of NCGE’s online resource library. NCGE will also seek ways to increase communication and collaboration among members, across alliances, and with other like-minded organizations. It should be stated that while we seek partnerships, NCGE will continue to operate in an autonomous capacity in terms of day-to-day operations. Methods already employed by NCGE to maintain our fiscal soundness will be maintained and tweaked as needed.

As a classroom teacher and someone that conducts research at the university level, I would like to bridge gaps within the K-PhD pipeline. At its best, NCGE requires all levels of education “in the room” along with the business community, government agencies, and NGO’s working for the advancement of geography.  

As your President, I will be a drum major for Geography as an advocate for an increased geographic footprint in education. Together, we can propel NCGE to be a guiding light in the field of geography.

I currently serve as an Instructor for the Department of Geography at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) and Book Review Editor for the Journal of Geography.  I received NCGE’s Higher Education Distinguished Teaching Award in 2020.  Following that year, I joined NCGE’s Board of Directors.

I have one central motivation to run for President of NCGE in 2023:  to support jobs and careers among geography educators and students.  Geography education is an investment, and I wish to better illuminate and enhance the return on that investment.  This objective has three components:

  • Develop strategies and incentives to recruit, retain, and inspire members of NCGE. Connecting with early-career community college and university faculty provides one opportunity to cultivate lifelong leaders in geography education.

  • Compile resources and facilitate professional development workshops and/or podcasts that enrich geographers at early-, middle-, and late-career stages.

  • Highlight ways to frame geographic knowledge and synthesis—not just geospatial technologies—as marketable skillsets for any job or career.

As geography students and teachers navigate their careers, they must also navigate wicked problems, complex problems like climate change with neither simple answers nor win-win solutions.  That is why a secondary motivation is to reinvigorate the human-environment tradition in geography education.  NCGE could serve as an active outlet for communicating big ideas about global changes and their local contexts to students and teachers in K-12 and higher education. 

In pursuit of this mission, I see NCGE as an important and growing actor in the sustainability of disciplinary geography and the planet for future generations

Debra Coram Troxell is a National Board Certified teacher and current board member of the National Council for Geographic Education. In her years at West Forsyth High School in Winston-Salem, Debra has taught AP Human Geography, World Regional Geography, World History, and World Humanities. Debra has conducted numerous presentations and trainings, such as: The Geography of American History, GIS and GeoInquiries, Literacy in the Content Area, Accomplished Teaching, Korea in the Classroom, Lessons of Reunification, and Territorial Issues in the Pacific. As a lifelong learner she is completing a Masters Certificate in GIS at N.C. State University and while participating in the AP Reading for 9 years she increased her understanding of the content and pedagogy. Debra strives to guide students to grow into lifelong learners and responsible global citizens.

I joined NCGE in 2009 after participating in the International Conference on Territorial Geography in
South Korea. As a new AP Human Geography teacher, I found the NCGE community to be invaluable in sharing resources and support. The annual conferences are always packed with great pedagogy, up-to-date information, and unique learning opportunities that I could take back to my students and my co-workers. I believe if you want strong, growing organizations then you have to be willing to take responsibility for the work. Over the next few years, NCGE has some exciting opportunities to pursue.The ultimate goal would be to increase the number of schools requiring geography courses for graduation. While working towards that goal, we should supplement history, civics, and science courses with curriculum-aligned geography lessons. We can increase the number of teachers actively engaged in geography instruction by continuing to offer quality sessions and a robust resource library. I would like to infuse geography lessons with information on geography majors and geography careers. I would also like to see support for the emerging GIS curriculum in the same pattern as NCGE’s critical support provided to the AP Human Geography teachers. I would like to help design our new adventures for this
worthwhile organization.


This person will serve a three-year term on the NCGE Board of Directors. Directors attend virtual board meetings once a month to discuss and vote on significant decisions affecting the primary interests of NCGE and its members. Directors may chair committees and/or other initiatives of NCGE.


My name is Karen Guerrero and I am interested in serving on the NCGE board.  I taught geography and cross-curricular studies with an integrated geography focus at the K-12 level for 15 years and have taught at the college level for 17 years.  I have been actively involved with the Arizona Geographic Alliance since 2000, not only participating in professional development but acting as National Geographic’s Arizona representative, leading Geography Awareness Week, serving on the Arizona Social Studies’ board representing geography education, and leading geography institutes for new educators. Through this work I was awarded the Great Moments in Social Studies Award from ACSS and the NCGE Distinguished Teaching Award for Higher Education.  I have written and lead two multi-million dollar grants on Geo-STEM, training K-12 in-service and pre-service educators on integrating geography across the curriculum and most recently was awarded a 3-year $1.2 million grant for GeoCivics.  I am a National Geographic Explorer, earning my doctorate through this research in geography-focused cross-curricular education for linguistically diverse students by conducting professional development for teachers of language learners and have presented at more than 20 local, national, and international conferences on this research.  I currently teach social studies methods among other courses for future educators at Arizona State University and am ready to begin serving the NCGE community to support professional development opportunities for educators, help build geography education resources for diverse student populations, and to continue NCGE’s work in connecting geography educators with their colleagues across the country.  I would be honored to serve the geography community by actively participating on the NCGE board.This person will serve a three-year term on the NCGE Board of Directors. Directors attend virtual board meetings once a month to discuss and vote on significant decisions affecting the primary interests of NCGE and its members. Directors may chair committees and/or other initiatives of NCGE.

I am honored to accept the nomination to serve on the Board of Directors for the National Council for Geographic Education. 

In 2018 I became a regular member of NCGE, and since then have had multiple opportunities to serve the organization. However, I have benefitted from NCGE resources since at least 2010 when I first started regularly attending workshops by my state alliance. Dr. Jerry Mitchell would promote NCGE then and distribute copies of The Journal of Geography and The Geography Teacher. The publications helped me as a classroom teacher, showing me what was happening not only in the field of geography today, but also in geography classrooms around the world. I gained a deeper, more accurate understanding of the field of geography through these works. In 2019, I was honored to have my work published in volume 16, issue 2 of The Geography Teacher. I have served since as a reviewer of manuscripts. 

I have also benefited from conferences and workshops put on by NCGE. I have attended conferences in multiple countries: 2018 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada and 2019 in Austin, Texas, US. In 2020 was able to serve as a conference proposal reviewer as well as presenting at the virtual conference in 2020. 

In January of 2021, the South Carolina Geographic Alliance partnered with NCGE to extend our Spring AP Human Geography Workshop virtually to members across the country. 100% of surveyed participants strongly agreed that “this was a valuable PD opportunity.” I have participated in other webinars, such as the “Teaching with GIS” series earlier this year. 

It would be a great honor to continue to serve this organization in the invaluable work of promoting the field of geography and supporting teachers and students alike as a member of the Board of Directors. I believe I would bring an important perspective both as a former classroom teacher and current state alliance director. 

Ultimately, it is an honor to be considered for this position. I look forward to serving NCGE, an organization that has supported me greatly over the last decade, in any capacity I can.

Celeste Reynolds has enjoyed 21 years as a faculty member of Mashpee High School in Mashpee, MA, teaching AP Human Geography, Women’s Studies, and United States and World History. Additionally, she works with students to plan and develop their Senior Projects. In 2020, she was the recipient of the Distinguished Educator Award (K-12) from the National Council for Geographic Education, and, in 2018, she was awarded the Massachusetts Council for the Social Studies John Reilly Award for Teaching Excellence in Geography. 

Celeste serves on the American Geographical Society Teacher Advisory Board and the TeachOSM Steering Committee where she presents at various conferences throughout the year to train teachers and high school students to become involved in the OpenStreetMap community. This past year, she has been working with high school students to build TeenMaptivists, an organization for them to learn about OSM, meet professionals in the geography community, and encourage them to pursue geography as a field of study. Celeste’s mission to promote high school geographic education led her to organize a TEDx event featuring nationally recognized geography teachers. Additionally, Celeste has received fellowships from the Qatar International Foundation, American Geographical Society, and The Brown University Choices Program. In 2020, she wrote a book review for The Handbook for Teaching and Learning Geography published in The Geographic Review. Since 2013, she’s been an Advanced Placement Reader for the AP Human Geography Exam and has served as an Early Table Leader. Celeste is a graduate of the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, attaining both her Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science degrees. She completed additional studies in education at Endicott College. 

Celeste humbly seeks a board member position to help NCGE achieve its mission of promoting global literacy by helping to support and improve geographic instruction. She’s enthusiastic about providing opportunities that will increase worldwide social and interdisciplinary awareness and appreciation of geography.

My Experience with NCGE as a geography teacher for the last 14 years, NCGE and its affiliates have been an indispensable source of support and professional development in my own development as an educator. My conversion from focusing on history to geography took place through my membership with the Minnesota Alliance of Geographic Education (MAGE). My conversion was then further solidified through my serving on the board for the Geographic Educators of Nebraska (GEON). I have gotten the opportunity to participate more heavily as a member of NCGE as a recipient of the K-12 Distinguished Teaching Award in 2017, as a presenter at the 2017 annual meeting in Albuquerque, and then again at the 2018 meeting in Quebec City. In the fall of 2019 I also worked on behalf of NCGE as a member of the Editorial Board for The Geography Teacher and as a part of a team to develop a test bank of questions that could be made available to members that more closely matched the redevelopment of the new AP Human Geography C.E.D. 
As a potential board member for NCGE I hope to help use my knowledge, expertise, and experience to help in the development of high quality geographic education materials and professional development experiences to be used to increase the quality and accessibility of geographic education on a national scale. I have benefitted personally from the opportunities and materials made available through NCGE, and would be honored to have the ability to give back by serving on the Board of Directors for NCGE. 

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