Welcome to the PreK/Elementary Strand Session meeting Room.  Below you will find all of the sessions that focus on PreK/Elementary school grade-level content.

K-2 Geography 2 – Animal Stories, Region Maps, and Journey Scrolls:

This session is about the winter and spring parts of a yearlong K-2 curriculum package. The core of the package is a set of guided reading activities with map support and an engaging multiweek field trip project, complete with forms and rubrics for a number of diagnostic, scaffold, and ELA/math spinoff mini-activities. Supporting materials include reading guides, curriculum planning docs, activity forms, and a Primary Classroom Geography Kit. Session participants will get a brief review of neuroscience research about spatial reasoning and literacy education, see examples of student work, discuss ways of adapting the materials to fit local conditions and get access to a K-8 curriculum website.

4:05 - 4:50 (EST)