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The 1964 Freedom Schools as a Neglected Chapter in Geography Education

There is a critical need to address climate challenges rapidly and on a large scale. The Sustainability Community Engagement Project engages students in THE most important challenge of their lifetime- climate change and its myriad disruptions. No matter the reason for the lack of American engagement, what is most needed now as outlined in IPCC (2018) is “urgent, transformational change” in our social-ecological systems. The Resilience Project is an experiential project in community engagement that is expansive and frequently transformational for students researching, conducting sustainability, and creating resilience. Over the last decade, an Environmental Sustainability course employed project-based learning to engage students in community sustainability. To date, the course has produced over 700 community sustainability projects, across the Kansas City Metropolitan region and beyond. The course has since been shared with Dual Credit and other high school classes and an art institute foundation class

2:05 - 2:50 (EST)

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