Welcome to the Middle School Strand On-demand webinar room.  Below you will find all of the webinars that focus on middle school grade-level content.

Using the Geo-Inquiry Process for Student-Led Field Experiences...

The Oklahoma Alliance for Geographic Education (OKAGE) conducted four separate Geo-Inquiry projects during the Spring 2021 semester. In order to conduct these projects, OKAGE partnered with four schools in the “Four Corners” of Oklahoma. OKAGE worked with teachers in Broken Bow High School (Southeast), Cache High School (Southwest), Hooker Junior High (Northwest), and Owasso Seventh Grade Center (Northeast) to develop four unique, student-led field experiences. Students at Broken Bow High School conducted their project on forest health and wildfire risk in the Hochatown Wildland Urban Interface; Cache High School students examined the geology and geography of the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge as these topics relate to Environmental Conservation; students at Hooker Junior High investigated how COVID-19 impacted the park in terms of visitation, land use, and wildlife; and Owasso Seventh Grade Center Students researched impacts of the Tulsa Race Massacre upon the demographics of their community.

Collecting, Mapping, Analyzing, and Communicating Fieldwork

Gathering, mapping, analyzing, and communicating the results of field-collected data can be effectively and powerfully accomplished using a combination of surveys, interactive maps, dashboards, and story maps. Join Geographer and Educator Joseph Kerski as we explore why and how to combine these tools, giving you the confidence and ability to do this to meet your research or instructional goals.

Virtual Field Trips: Exploring the World with Your Classroom

Imagine if you could travel to the icy-cold, remote Arctic with your students in tow. With the remote learning skills you have developed this past school year, you can do it! In this session, you will connect with a real-life polar explorer and talk to them about how a virtual exchange connection with them can enhance your instruction. In this conversation, attendees will understand how asynchronous (articles and on-demand media) and synchronous (video conferencing) opportunities can inspire and enhance your practice. Participants will also learn how to bring other exciting explorers and STEM professionals into the classroom to enhance curriculum and explore STEM careers. By the end of this session, you will be inspired to use your virtual learning expertise to take your classroom on global education journeys to some of Earth’s most remote and exciting places! Adventure awaits!