Welcome to the APHG strand on-demand webinar room.  Below you will find all of the webinars that focus on AP Human Geography content.

Engaging Human Geography Students Through Inquiry-Based Projects

Delve into the basics of how to introduce inquiry-based projects into an AP Human Geography course through general tips and an exemplar project. There is a common misconception that inquiry-based projects are incompatible or difficult to implement in AP courses because of limited time. Learn how to structure your course to incorporate projects throughout that year that teach both skills and content relevant to the curriculum. Attendees will end by walking through an example project that has students produce their own Human Development Index (HDI) to study a unit on industrial and economic development. Receive digital copies of project directions and a customizable spreadsheet that students use to create and calculate their HDI rankings.

Scale Analysis: Using Geographic Scale to Explain Spatial Relationships

In this session, we will explore geographic scale as a foundation that explains patterns and processes. Participants will analyze maps and images at the four common geographic scales to gain a clear understanding of scale analysis as a targeted skill within the APHG course.

Stimulating Discussions in AP Human Geography – Quick Feedback for students!

Teaching students how to read and understand quantitative and qualitative data is a skill that must be repeated constantly and used throughout the year. Four veteran teachers of AP Human Geography share their strategies on how to get students to efficiently teach using data and provide students with constant formative feedback while also preparing students for success on the AP Human Geography Exam. Participants will learn about Verbal FRQing and how to use NCGE’s bell ringers in your classroom as strategies to help students grow.

Integrating OpenStreetMap into the Classroom

Perhaps you’ve noticed GIS and digital mapping technologies gradually making their way into classrooms and now you’d like to know how to create engaging, cutting edge mapping projects for your students to contribute to. This workshop will demonstrate examples of this and empower you to use the tools you need to create mapping activities in your classroom.