At NCGE, we realize many of you are entering uncharted territory as we continue to cope with the COVID-19 epidemic. As the situation continues to evolve and teachers at all levels are being asked to adapt and adjust quickly, NCGE will continue to do our best to support your efforts to educate our students.

In light of this, we will be opening our resources to everyone, including access to archives, regardless of membership status. In the coming weeks, we will be working to bring you additional digital content and online opportunities to use with your students. In addition to more regular emails, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more information as we move forward.

Contact us directly at or visit the NCGE Facebook Group to share resources and ideas with colleagues.
Please take care of yourselves and each other!

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NCGE is the only national organization that supports geography teaching at all levels — from kindergarten through university. We are committed to ensuring that all students graduate with the knowledge and perspective to be engaged and responsible global citizens. Our members include U.S. and international teachers, professors, students, businesses, and others who support geography education.
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NCGE is focused on three primary areas:

Teacher Resources

We develop and curate the best content and materials for teachers to use with their students and in their classrooms.

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Professional development not only allows teachers to learn new teaching styles, techniques, and tips, but also interact with educators from other areas in order to improve their own teaching.

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Conferences & Networking Opportunities

We provide a global forum for educators of all levels to exchange ideas and engage in professional learning opportunities to improve their geography teaching.

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“A buried treasure! A whole organization of people who see the world with a geographic eye, and want to share it. The conference is an annual highlight where educators from grad school down into grade school share their expertise and value each other’s experience.”
Charlie Fitzpatrick, K12 Education Manager at Esri

“I consider NCGE as my home base national professional organization.  I know that I would have had far fewer opportunities to join in such enjoyable joint learning adventures without my NCGE colleagues and friends supporting me.”

Robert W. Morrill, Professor Emeritus at Virginia Tech

“I can honestly say that my 15 years as a member of NCGE and the annual conference with the teachers’ workshop recharges my enthusiasm for geography education each year. I meet life-long friends, dedicated teachers, long-time readers, new readers, and knowledgeable geographers.

Dr. Barbara S. Hildebrant
“NCGE and its membership continue to inspire and challenge me, both professionally and personally.  I have never felt more at home working on geography education projects with colleagues and life-long friends that share the same passion I have for learning about the world and teaching others.”
Audrey Mohan, Research Associate at BSCS; Co-Founder of GeoVision Education
“As a first year social studies teacher, in a foreign country with no formal geographic education, I found myself assigned to teach AP Human Geography and world geography. The Journal of Geography and The Geography Teacher were instrumental to my own professional development. NCGE’s webinars and weekly AP Bell-Ringers have been valuable resources.”
Brandon Nascimento, Social Studies teacher at International Bilingual School at Tainan Science Park in Taiwan
“After attending my first NCGE conference, I was hooked; it was a wonderful experience! University professors were mixing with elementary, junior high, and high school teachers, and the common love of geography education superseded people’s academic background.”
John Trites
“I encourage all teachers, but especially elementary teachers, to join and participate in the National Council for Geographic Education. Your involvement will enrich, renew and reinvigorate you and your teaching.”
Ruth King

“Through my work with the NCGE, I made connections with many award-winning geographic educators. All of my colleagues at NCGE contributed in some way to my growth as a geographer and geographic educator, whether it was how to design a quality research proposal, mentoring graduate students and junior faculty, or simply modeling good scholarship.”

Dr. Ellen J. Foster
“I have greatly benefited from the teaching resources found on the NCGE website. Members are so generous and willing to share strategies and lesson ideas. NCGE membership and member collaboration are an invaluable resource for teacher success.”
Amy Stalker