Geography of Mudejar Spain & Portugal

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Webinar: Connecting Globally, Educating Locally: Empowering Students through Virtual Exchange with Reach the World


Summary Explore Reach the World's innovative platform aimed at enhancing students' geographic awareness through personalized virtual exchanges. Connect with their active network of travelers and learn practical ways to implement virtual exchanges in your classroom, igniting curiosity, confidence, and compassion among students. About the Presenter Jessica Wurzbacher, the new Program Manager at Reach the World, […]

How do We Explain Conflict? Evidence from Syria


Summary While teaching about war and conflict is never an easy topic in the classroom, it is important for young people to be exposed to geopolitics and understand the current events they see in the news. But how do we make sense of conflicts when we are inundated with competing explanations for why they start? […]

Jewish Immigration to America: 1880-1924


Summary This session will explore Jewish immigration to the United States in the early 20th century. Participants will receive the context for Jewish immigration between 1880-1924, discuss the various push and pull factors that brought Jewish immigrants to America, understand the cultural pressures and contributions of Jewish Americans, and grapple with the repercussions of the […]