NCGE-GeoCamp Amazon

Summer Professional Development for Teachers

Why go to the Amazon? The reasons are endless!

When you are there you will see and feel and smell and hear our world like you never have before.  It will touch you in ways you never imagined.  You will see how the extreme geography of the Loreto region of Peru effects every aspect of life from food & education, to biodiversity & use of habitat, to electricity, WIFI and healthcare.  A place where the endless wonder of nature and the endearing quality of the local people will capture your heart, engage your imagination and change you.

Spend Nine magical Days exploring
Iquitos, Peru and the Loreto Region of the Amazon

July 22 - July 31, 2023 (travel days included)

NCGE GeoCamp and Jamazon Journeys partner to offer an exceptional professional development opportunity for educators of all levels in the extraordinary region of Loreto in the Peruvian Amazon from July 22  to July 31, 2023.

This NCGE – GeoCamp Amazon is a place-based intensive short course in geographic inquiry and field methods for in-service teachers and education professionals.  The extraordinary wonders of life in the Loredo region of Peru, including Iquitos and the Peruvian Amazon are our classroom.  All seven essential elements of geography will be incorporated as we explore how plants, animals, and humans interact in this extreme environment.

The experience and course will draw content from all of the geographic themes including physical geography, human settlement, and environmental adaptation; changing geopolitical spheres of influence; sense of place; and global environmental change.

WHO CAN ATTEND: Up to 18 K-12 educators or higher education faculty who teach any of the social studies, earth or environmental sciences, or any subject where the applicant can make an explicit connection to the National Geography Standards within his/her curriculum.

COST: $3,200.  The fee includes lodging, meals, tour fees, ground and water transportation, course materials, honoraria for expert guides, and presentations.  Participants may budget extra for incidentals and souvenirs.  Airfare is not included but assistance and advice will be offered and available.

Once an application is received, It will be reviewed and we will notify you of acceptance into the program. Upon acceptance, a $1000 deposit is due within 7 days and the remaining balance due on or before March 31, 2023. Guidance concerning flights will be sent with notification of acceptance.

Please note: NCGE reserves the right to cancel GeoCamp Amazon for any reason prior to April 3, 2023. In the event of cancelation, NCGE will provide a full refund for any payment made to NCGE.



After experiencing NCGE – GeoCamp Amazon students will be able to:

  • Make connections between the Amazon and their own home
  • Teach about a place or region through a geographic perspective
  • Ask and answer geographic questions using GIS
  • Design geographic activities for their students modeled on experience
  • Have a connection to someone who can help plan an adventure for your own students

Answering the Big Questions:

  • Where is the Amazon?
  • Why teach about the Amazon?
  • What is there?
  • Why take care of it?
  • How can we care for the Amazon from home?

DELIVERABLES: Participants will be expected to produce classroom-ready resource materials and lessons for dissemination through national, state and/or local outlets including the NCGE Annual Conference and The Geography Teacher journal. Participants are strongly encouraged to coordinate statewide dissemination activities with State Alliances for Geographic Education. Materials produced in this institute will be submitted to the GeoCamp database for use by teachers and students from all over the world. NCGE will confer certificates of completion for participants to apply toward professional recertification credits consistent with policies in their respective school districts. 

Required Pre-Trip Webinars:

  • Session 1: Geographic Location and Climate, How to pack for the Jungle and Jungle Logistics
  • Session 2: Animals, Plants, and Systems of the Amazon
  • Session 3: People, Villages, Language and Culture of the Amazon

COVID-19 Policy: Due to the ongoing and changing nature of the pandemic, all participants must show proof of vaccination within 30 days of departure.


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