National Council for Geography Education

Interactive Clickable Maps for K-12 Geography


Summary Interactive (“clickable”) maps are a tool to focus student attention on just one or two selected topics at a time. Reducing distracting clutter can make it easier for students to acquire and use specific skills of spatial reasoning. Careful selection of topics can promote thoughtful inquiry in primary school and at the same time […]

Geography and Identity in the 2022 World Cup


Summary In this webinar, discussion on how geography can shape identity and vice versa (ex: how the Moroccan world cup team was claimed by both Arab fans/audiences as an 'Arab' team and also by African audiences - as well as the myriad political and cultural issues that surround the distinctions).   About the Presenter: Graham […]

AP Review


Summary In partnership with College Board, this webinar will provide strategies and ideas to help prepare your students for the AP exam. There will be McQ strategies, review of the FRQ task verbs and an overview of the exam itself. Presenters: Lisa Benton-Short, David Valdez,  and Julie Wakefield Webinar Access #Open Access | Join HERE