Barbara Pechenik Children’s Map Competition 

We invite you to participate in the 2021 Barbara Petchenik Children’s Map Competition, an event created with the aim of promoting the creative representation of the world in graphic form by children.

Bianca Belovic – Slovenia – <6 years, 1st place 2019

Liepa Jokubaityte – Lithuania – 6-8 years, 1st place 2019

Kim Min-Chan – Korea – 9-12 years, 1st place 2019

Rada Skumova – Bulgaria – 13-15 years, 1st place 2019

The Barbara Petchenik Competition is a biennial map drawing competition for children.  It was created by the International Cartographic Association in 1993 as a memorial for Barbara Petchenik, a past Vice president of the ICA and cartographer who had a lifelong interest in maps for children.  The aim of the contest is to promote the creative representation of the world in graphic form by children.

The competition is organized every two years.  National winners are selected to represent each participating ICA member country.  Each country sends their top 6 map finalists which are exhibited during the International Cartographic Conference (ICC).  The international winners are selected by an expert panel of cartographers at the ICC.

The deadline for the participation in the United States National Competition is TBD.  Postmark your entries by TBD, to make sure that you deliver your map entries to us in time!

The theme for the 2021 competition is TBD.

Entries can be nominated in four age groups:  under 6 years, 6-8 years, 9-12 years, and 13-15 years.  The top 6 winning map drawings selected during the United States National Competition will be displayed at the International Exhibition to be held during the 30th International Cartographic Conference in Florence, Italy, 19-23 July 2021.

An international jury will select the best entries from each age group.  Additionally, there will be prize issued based on a public vote by the conference participants, as well as a Creativity Award issued by the ICA Commission on Art and Cartography.

For more detailed information about the competition, please check out  the resources available on this page and/or on the ICA website of the International Cartographic Association, the Commission on Cartography and Children, or their Facebook profile.

International Cartographic Association
Commission on Cartography and Children
ICACCC Facebook Profile

If you are interested in using children maps in your context, e.g. with publications, we would like to encourage you to contact us.  The map drawings made by children in the previous competitions can be found in the “Archive of the Barbara Petchenik Children’s Map Competition” website, maintained by the Carleton University Library.

Archive of the Barbara Petchenik Children’s Map Competition