GeoCamp Iceland Meeting Schedule 2023

To ensure your Iceland adventure is a positive learning experience, we invite all participants to join us for these informative pre-trip planning sessions.

Pre-Trip Webinar 1. Geography of Iceland Part I: Fire and Ice
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Join the GeoCamp Iceland Team for a discussion of travel logistics, including flight and packing tips, an introduction to the academic program, and pre-travel background resources.

Pre-Trip Webinar 2. Geography of Iceland Part I: Fire and Ice
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The GeoCamp Iceland Team introduces the geography of Iceland with a focus on GeoCamp destinations and themes.

Pre-Trip Webinar 3. Geography of Iceland Part II: People and Fish and Last Minute Travel Updates
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The GeoCamp Iceland Team continues their introduction to the geography of Iceland and provide last-minute travel updates.

28 June, Noon through Dinner, Iceland Time.
GeoCamp Day 1

First day of professional development activities in Iceland.

28 June – 8 July.
GeoCamp Professional Development

Activities conclude with a farewell dinner on July 8th.

Fall 2024

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