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Getting to Know Iceland

We highly recommend that you read these five books prior to departure:

  • How Iceland Changed the World (2021)
    Egill Bjarnason relates Iceland’s idiosyncratic history with pride, realism, and well, a fair dash of humor.

  • The Far Traveler (2008)
    Nancy Marie Brown reconstructs the life Gudrid Thorbjarnardóttir, the “far traveler,” an Icelandic woman who sailed to the New World and back, 500 years before Columbus.

  • Secrets of the Sprakkar (2022)
    Eliza Reid, the current first lady of Iceland, explains why Iceland is the best place on earth to be a woman.

  • The Little Book of the Icelanders (2014)
    Alda Sigmundsdóttir presents 50 miniature essays about the Icelandic people.

  • Iceland – Classic Geology in Europe (2022)
    Thor Thordarson and Ármann Höskuldsson present a concise and authoritative field guide to an exceptional physical geography and geology of Iceland.

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