GeoCamp Iceland


Pre-Travel Resources, Books, and Entertainment

Get to know the island of fire and ice.

Pre-Trip Webinar 1. Travel Logistics and Field Course Introduction

Join Ellen and Jeff for a discussion of travel logistics, including flight and packing tips, and an introduction to the academic program and pre-travel background resources.

Pre-Trip Webinar 2. Geography of Iceland Part I: Fire and Ice

Ellen and Jeff introduce the geography of Iceland with a focus on GeoCamp destinations and themes.

Pre-Trip Webinar 3. Geography of Iceland Part II: People and Fish and Last Minute Travel Updates

Ellen and Jeff continue their introduction to the geography of Iceland and provide last-minute travel updates.

GeoCamp Day 1 (29 June)

Meet & Greet (Story Telling)

GeoCamp Day 2 (30 June)

All Things Geo: Geology & Reykjanes

GeoCamp Day 3 (1 July)

Safety, History and Beer Crawl

GeoCamp Day 4 (2 July)

Glacier Lagoon

GeoCamp Day 5 (3 July)

Climate Change

GeoCamp Day 6 (4 July)

Living on Top of a Volcano

GeoCamp Day 7 (5 July)

Politics & History

GeoCamp Day 8 (6 July)

Go Fish: Fishing Industry & Blue Economy

GeoCamp Day 9 (7 July)

Blue Lagoon & Bless Bless

GeoCamp Day 10 (8 July)

Depart Iceland