Hawaii Geographic Alliance

The mission of the Hawaii Geographic Alliance is to promote innovation and integration in education, actively foster interdisciplinary geographic teaching and learning in K-12 classrooms, and cultivate productive, responsible, and […]

Arizona Geographic Alliance

The Arizona Geographic Alliance (AzGA) works to strengthen geography literacy and education across Arizona. We are funded through different grants, the Arizona Department of Education, and receive support from Arizona […]

Arkansas Geographic Alliance

The Arkansas Geographic Alliance (AGA), though no longer a funded member of the state alliance network, continues to support geographic literacy and skills throughout Arkansas. When it was in full […]

Florida Geographic Alliance

The mission of the Florida Geographic Alliance is to promote geographic literacy by fostering innovation in geographic education and encouraging the protection and conservation of Florida’s natural and cultural resources.

North Carolina Geographic Alliance

Since 1987, the North Carolina Geographic Alliance has sought to enhance geographic education in North Carolina schools. Over the years the NCGA has produced teaching materials, provided professional development, and […]

New York Geographic Alliance

The NYGA seeks to promote and improve geographic education from kindergarten through university throughout New York State. As a discipline, geography is disappearing in our schools, and more than ever, […]

New Mexico Geographic Alliance

The New Mexico Geographic Alliance seeks to improve and increase the knowledge of geography within New Mexico; use geography and social studies standards as the basis for teaching geography; enhance […]

Montana Geographic Alliance

The Montana Geographic Alliance (MGA) is a network of students, educators and professionals dedicated to the promotion of geographic education in Montana. We seek in-service and pre-service educators from all […]

Michigan Geographic Alliance

​Founded in 1989 by Dr. Michael Libbee from Central Michigan University, and Dr. Joseph Stoltman of Western Michigan University, the MGA has been headquartered in the Department of Geography and […]